Popular Memory Aids

Memory AidsWe've all experienced a bit of "brain-fade" when, for whatever reason, you can't quite recall or grasp the idea you were searching for. It happens, and is no big deal…except when you're 3000 feet in the air and need to make a quick decision. That's when memory aids and mnemonic devices are our best friends! Below are a handful that are very helpful to pilots-in-training and experienced pilots alike. Here are some of our favorites:

5 hazardous attitudes: Macho, Invulnerability, Anti-authority, Impulsivity, Resignation

Alphabet: Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet Kilo Lima Mike Oscar Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango Uniform Victor Whiskey Xray Yankee Zulu

ARROW: Required documents onboard the aircraft.
Airworthiness certificate, Registration, Radio license (if operated in Canada or Mexico), Operating manual and limitations, Weight and balance

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate: A basic list of flying priorities. First and foremost fly the airplane. Second priority is to navigate on your desired course. Third priority is to make radio calls as necessary.

CompassANDS: Compass error. Accelerate North Decelerate South. On headings of east and west the compass will swing north on acceleration and south on deceleration.

CIGARS:  Pre-takeoff check. Controls, Instruments, Gas, Run up, Safety

CRAFT: IFR Flight Clearance. Cleared to Routing Altitude Frequency Transponder

Pre-landing checklist. Gas (fuel on fullest tank or both, fuel pump on), Undercarriage (wheels down and locked), Mixture (rich), Prop (full forward), Safety (seat belts on), Sock (wind sock)

IMSAFE: Personal checklist. Illness, Medication, Stress, Alcohol, Fatigue, Eating

Odd / Even altitude rule:  On magnetic courses of 0 to 179 degrees, fly odd altitudes (plus 500’ for vfr); magnetic courses of 180 to 359 degrees, fly even altitudes (plus 500’ for vfr).

Instrument PanelTOMATOFLAMES: VFR equipment required. Tachometer, Oil pressure, Manifold pressure, Altimeter, Temperature sensor (liquid-cooled), Oil temperature (air cooled) Fuel gauge, Landing gear position, Airspeed indicator, Magnetic compass, ELT (emergency locator transmitter), Seat belts

UNOS:  Partial-panel compass turns. Undershoot North Overshoot South

GRAB CARD: IFR required equipment. Generator, Radios, Attitude indicator, Ball, Clock, Adjustable altimeter, Rate of turn indicator, Directional gyro

RAW FAT: Preflight information required for flights away. Runway lengths, Alternates, Weather, Fuel requirements, ATC delays, Takeoff/landing distance data

PL(ease!) START: Engine-out emergency. Pitch for best glide, Landing site, Seat belts, Troubleshoot, Approach, Radios, Turn off

4 C’s: Go Around. Cram it (full throttle), Clean it (flaps up), Cool it (carb heat), Call it (radio call)