Medical Certificates and Exams

Medical ExaminationBefore you take your first solo flight (before you get your pilot license), the FAA requires that student pilots undergo a medical exam and have a medical certificate issued by an aviation medical examiner (AME).

At About Time Aviation, we recommend our students visit Dr. Richard Hansen at Emerald Valley Wellness Center, located in Creswell. Dr. Hansen is an AME and pilot with a special interest and expertise in helping pilots regain their medical fitness for flying within FAA standards.

Medical Certificate Overviews

Private pilots require a 3rd class (or better) medical certificate. The medical exam consists of a basic check of your general health, vision and hearing, and generally costs about $100.  Private pilots must have an exam every five (5) years if you're under 40 years old, then every two (2) years thereafter.

Commercial pilots and Airline Transport pilots require 2nd and 3rd class medical certificates respectively. The medical exams associated with these certificates are more extensive and generally more expensive. Talk to your instructor and Dr. Hansen for more details.

Please visit Dr. Hansen's website for a wealth of articles and information about your health and how to stay safe in the air.