At About Time Aviation, we love our student pilots! They have all demonstrated an incredible dedication to improving their flight knowledge and skill set, as well as just being great people. What more could we ask for?

Oh yeah – for them to tell us how great we are!

Below are a few 'love notes' we've received from some past students.

It has been my dream to learn how to fly since I was young. Jess has helped make that dream come true for me. If he can teach me at 59 years old, he can teach anybody.

Melody Knokey

I am a relatively new pilot and got my license through About Time Aviation in Creswell. I really liked the low key feel of the Creswell airport and the instructors. For me it is a great place to learn to fly since it is a non towered airport and takes away a lot of the stress on a student pilot. The right instructor is very important in learning to fly and I can highly recommend Jess Everson. He has a way of teaching that makes learning more fun and is a great  encourager as well, of which student pilots will need plenty of.

Mike Buckridge

I love to fly. Very rewarding, exciting, and challenging. ATA is a great place to start. Jess, Paul, and Bill will take care of you. They all are very helpful [and] will answer any and all questions. Jess is very patient – he had to be to teach me to fly. He had me well prepared for my check ride, and happy to call everyone at ATA a good friend.

Creswell airport is a great place to learn to fly...wonderful aviation community. You will meet great people. Check it all out. Take a Discovery flight.

Mark Carpenter

Learning to fly has added a nice extra level of freedom and satisfaction to my life. My instructor, Jess Everson, at About Time Aviation was easy to work with, very supportive, and provided the right level of instruction…so much so that my first solo was almost a ho-hum affair.

Now that I have my certificate, I find About Time's no minimum charge for taking a plane overnight to somewhere else a valuable rarity – none of the other many pilots I've corresponded with have such a generous rental policy at their FBOs.

Jim Logajan

I know we've talked a lot about this, but the huge feeling of accomplishment has been the reward for me. From flight lesson #1 to first solo, culminating with the apprehension of check ride day and all of the highs and lows in between were what made the overall experience so gratifying. Although difficult, you do a great job of keeping those you instruct safely going forward through the process. Thanks for everything. Looking forward to the Idaho flight.

Kevin Gielish