Our Philosophy

Check Ride Day Flying a plane is an adventure like no other. It's exhilarating. It's challenging.  It's fun! But it also demands both a mental and physical focus that takes practice to achieve and master. At About Time Aviation, our goal is to teach you to be a safety-conscious pilot with the tools and knowledge to avoid and get out of dangerous situations, while maintaining the excitement and thrill of being in the air.

At About Time Aviation, we tailor every lesson to meet your needs and goals. Using a one-on-one approach to teach, we take the time to discover who you are, your expectations, and how you learn best, and then adapt the lessons to suit your needs and meet FAA requirements. Relaxed and set at your pace, these are YOUR lessons, after all!

Striving to grow more than profit, we grow relationships. Our experienced instructors are here for you whenever you need them—even after you get your pilot license. In fact, a significant portion of our students often become renter pilots and…dare we say it…our friends!

…And That's Why We Rip Your T-Shirt Off

Pilot Certificates We love to celebrate our students—especially when one reaches a goal such as a much sought-after first solo or pilot license. And so what better way to memorialize us finally letting go of their shirt tails to soar on their own, than keeping one of their t-shirts on our wall? The shirts are celebratory, they're decorative, and we use them to wipe away nostalgic tears of pride!

So if you're looking for a flight school that provides customized training, patient instructors, affordable rates, and plenty of laughter and fun to boot, it's about time you looked into About Time Aviation!